New York Social Life: A Collection of NYC's Best Instagram & Twitter Accounts

Fri, Apr 28, 2017

Best NYC Social Media Accounts

While there’s no replacement for seeing New York in real life, scrolling through social media can give you some NYC vibes without actually leaving your couch. From photos of exquisite food to insane conversations overheard on the streets, Instagram and Twitter can give you a real glance of the city experience. Check out these accounts to see what we mean.

Experience...What New Yorkers Eat


One of the biggest food-based accounts in the city, and on Instagram as a whole, New Fork City has over 800k followers. Their photos feature close-ups of carb-filled deliciousness, like confetti cake or lobster mac and cheese, all from NYC restaurants. Your stomach will be growling within just a scroll or two of their feed.


This Instagram is an inside look at Brooklyn’s famous food festival Smorgasburg. Get an idea of what foods they’re offering this season (yes, they really have a spaghetti donut) and which vendors to get them at. Hey, if you can’t make it to Brooklyn, these pics are the next best thing!


The Feast Kings post images on Instagram of monstrous NYC meals, with hearty dishes like a porterhouse steak dinner or huge pepperoni pizzas stealing the show. If you’re looking for a greasy, filling place to eat, check them out.


Jean Lee is a real life NYC food publicist, and this Instagram is where she posts all the amazing stuff she gets to try. This account will make you equal parts hungry and jealous.


Cute boys and amazing food…we’re fine. With over 350k followers, this Insta account exhibits some of the best brunch spots in the city…for food and eye candy.


What New Yorkers See


This isn’t the official Instagram of New York City, but it definitely could be…and probably should be. The account is owned by a New Yorker (one that got really, really lucky on their account name) who posts snapshots of what she sees everyday. Her awe-inspiring photos have earned her more than 750k followers.


Okay, most New Yorkers don’t normally get views like this. This Instagram account uses a helicopter to capture sky-high shots of the city, with breathtaking views of Central Park, Downtown Manhattan, CitiField and much more.


The best, most interesting things you will see in NYC are the people. This extremely popular Instagram account posts touching stories, along with a portrait, of real New Yorkers. You’ll laugh; you’ll cry…you’ll want to go to New York City.

(You can also follow Humans of New York on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr!)


This Instagram offers views of the city from the eyes of an artist. You’ll see graffiti, tattoos, boxes of junk on the street – this is how the many visionaries of New York see their city.


Experience the green side of the city. This Instagram, operated by the New York City Parks Agency, showcases the many beautiful spots in the city, like Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Central Park, to get in touch with nature.

Best NYC Social Media Accounts

What New Yorkers Do


One of the best parts of the city is its amazing music scene. From smaller venues like Bowery Ballroom and the Music Hall of Williamsburg to huge arenas like Madison Square Garden, there’s always somewhere to catch some great live music. LiveNation’s NYC Instagram account gives you a backstage pass to the city’s best concerts.


Bottomless mimosas, anyone? This Instagram will update you on what goes on each weekend in the crazy world of NYC brunch. Don’t forget to make a reservation!


Guest of a Guest is famous for inducing major FOMO – fear of missing out – on their followers. They post all of the hot, exclusive events going on in NYC, so this is an account you’ll want to vicariously live through even if you do live in the city.


What New Yorkers Say


Like we said, the most interesting thing about NYC is the people. This Instagram posts hilarious quotes heard by people on the streets of the city. Examples include “I’d rather have Wi-Fi than heat” and “How do I do an intervention on myself?”

@ilazer & @abbijacobson

Ilana and Abbi are the brilliant minds behind “Broad City,” the crazy-funny Comedy Central show about two best friends navigating modern life in NYC. They’re both seasoned New Yorkers, and their Twitter accounts talk a lot about social issues both in the city and the world, while their Instagrams offer a peek into their lives as successful creatives in the greatest city in the world.


Just like the @overheardnewyork, but for the 1%. This Twitter account posts conversations overheard in the Goldman Sachs’ elevator, giving you a not-so-private look at the New York’s richest (and most obnoxious).


The girl with no job, aka Claudia Oshry, turned being unemployed in one of the world’s most expensive cities into what is probably the best job in the world – she posts memes and self-deprecating jokes about her life on Instagram all day long. Talk about living the dream.

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