2017 Lineup: Circle Live Sponsored by Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises

Wed, Jun 07, 2017

Circle-Live-Summer-Concert-SeriesOne of the best parts of summer in the city is enjoying all of the live music. Throughout NYC, many brands and venues offer a variety of outdoor concerts. There’s nothing better than enjoying some great live music on a warm NYC night...except maybe when you’re on a boat at the same time?

Yup, these summer concerts take place on a cruise! Not only do you get to enjoy an awesome concert in beautiful summer weather, but you also get skyline views and the cool, salty breeze of the Hudson. Check out the lineup below!

June 16 - Quiet Clubbing

Quiet clubbing?! For those not in the know, that sounds like a huge oxymoron..and not much fun! But quiet clubbing is a unique experience that involves a group of people listening to their choice of music on individual headphones. You get control over the volume, which means you can lower it when you want to talk to your friends. There’s a choice of 3 DJs, so it’s a way for people with completely different music tastes to hang out and dance together!

Tickets can be found here…but hurry, there aren’t many left!

June 25 - Ebb & Flo

ebb + flow's Sunset Debauchery teams up with Circle Live for a memorable night of partying on board the iconic Circle Line cruise boats. With live sets from Tara Brooks, and ebb + flow stalwarts Gavin Stephenson + Iman Rizky, this party is set to redefine what sunset against the New York skyline feels like. Check out the details here.

July 14 - Quiet Clubbing


If you missed the first round, no worries - Quiet Clubbing is back again just two weeks later! Enjoy whichever live DJ station you prefer – including Top 40, Hip Hop, or 90s sing-alongs – with headphones on the Hudson! This event also includes a live band, The Counterfeiters, as one of the stations you can listen to! Get the specifics here.

July 20 - BBQ & Brews Cruise

This cruise is as amazing as it sounds…actually, it might be even better.

Enjoy juicy, delicious barbecue from expert pit masters, sip an ice cold beer or a refreshing glass of wine, and sail along some of the world’s most famous landmarks. What better way is there to spend a cool summer night with friends? Oh, did we mention that the food and drinks were unlimited with your ticket?  Yup, told you it was even better than it sounded. Buy your ticket here.

July 21 - The Nerds

This one’s for those who like to rock. The Nerds are one America’s most beloved cover bands – they’ve shared a stage with iconic artists like Hootie and the Blowfish, Maroon 5, and The Go-Gos – and they’ll be playing a Circle Live set this July. Hear all your vintage favorites, rock out with new, and old, friends, and enjoy the view. Find out more here!

August 18 & September 15 - Quiet Clubbing

You’ve got a few more chances to enjoy quiet clubbing at Circle Live for the summer! Quiet clubbing will be back on August 18 and September 15 – but that’s IT for the year! Don’t forget that along with 3 DJs and amazing city views, you can also enjoy beer and cocktails, and a delicious BBQ meal is available for purchase!

September 22 - Louie Vega

September means summer is coming to a close, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it! "Little" Louie Vega is a Grammy Award-winning musician who has produced or remixed for famous artists like Michael Jackson and the Black Eyed Peas. Come say goodbye to your favorite season with a night of soul and dance. More info here.

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