Heart-Pounding New York City Attractions Especially For Thrill-Seekers

Thu, Apr 30, 2015

Exciting Things To Do In NYC For Adrenaline Junkies

Folks don’t call New York the “City That Never Sleeps” for nothing. Anything you could possibly want is readily available at almost any hour of the day. You want a slice of pizza at 3 AM? We got it. Want to head to a beach? Take the train; it’s only an hour away and you don’t have to drive. Feel like pushing your adrenaline to the limits and taking no prisoners? NYC has plenty of ways to satisfy that craving too! We’ve compiled a list of the most worthy attractions to get your heart pumping and your bladder weakening, including a shameless plug for one attraction that’s near and dear to our hearts here at Circle Line. Ready for action? Read on!

Sleep No More in NYC

We cannot talk enough about Sleep No More. Disguised in the trendy Chelsea neighborhood is the elusive (and fictional) McKittrick Hotel. The McKittrick hides the modern and interactive adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth play. Performed in Film Noir silent screen style, guests are masked while the entertainers perform and move about the sets in silence. While you’re there, follow the actors and actresses throughout the hotel and peruse the extremely staged scenery. Crawl through hidden crawlspaces and passageways and dig through the hotel rooms’ drawers.


Luna Park, Coney Island

coney islandBrooklyn’s famous Coney Island offers classic amusement rides set right on the boardwalk that will remind you of a simpler time, long ago. From the fear-inducing Cyclone to the heart-in-your-throat Sling Shot ride, this amusement park proves it’s not too old to perform a few tricks. If your stomach can handle it, stop over to Coney Island’s famous Nathan’s Hot Dog stand, home to the world famous hot dog eating contest.

Release Your Inner Acrobat

Have you ever wanted to flip high in the air and feel the thrill of waiting for someone to catch you twenty feet above the ground? The art of trapeze is not to be underestimated! If searching for something both physically and mentally stimulating, Trapeze School offers adrenaline rushing lessons to help you gain the confidence to somersault, flip, and catch mid-air.

Act Out a Movie Scene and Jet Ski on the Hudson

Remember that scene in Hitch, where Eva Longoria and Will Smith raced across the Hudson, laughing and splashing each other with the NYC skyline behind them? That. Could. Be. You. Explore the Hudson River on a Jet Ski Tour and check out the skyline, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty.

Get BEAST Mode

If Jet Skis are a little too nerve-wracking, why not race across the Hudson in a speedboat? Circle Line’s 70-foot, top of the line boat is easily one of the most unique and exciting attractions in New York City. Get into BEAST mode, propelling at a heart -racing 45 miles per hour along the Hudson River past the infamous New York skyline. Let’s do it! The BEAST roars back into action on May 2nd, so get your tickets now and be one of the first to catch a ride this season!

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