When the Lights...Go Down...in the City (Take a Harbor Lights Cruise!)

Tue, Oct 29, 2013

Wrapping up our ten week series of blogging on board our boats, we culminated #bloggeronboard with a night cruise. Our Harbor Lights Cruise sails nightly during peak season at 7pm and weekends only at 6:30pm beginning on October 28. Keep in mind this cruise does not sail year round so be sure to buy tickets before November 25 or after February 27!

So what is the difference on a Harbor Lights Cruise? The Harbor Lights Cruise does the same route as our Semi Circle Cruise, with one big difference: sailing at night.

While the cruise begins around dusk and offers sunset pictures (which can be absolutely stunning in person and in pictures) it also offers new york at night by the end of the journey.

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It definitely gets a little chilly at night during this time of year so be sure to dress warm. Our boats offer indoor and outdoor decks, but obviously most folks want to be outside for the photo opps. Especially the ones downtown! You always have the option of sneaking out to the bow or stern of the boat if you don't want to be crowded up top trying to get that perfect shot.

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This cruise appeals to people from all over, especially the ones who have heard of the magnitude of new york at night. On this cruise I met people from Paris and Munich! On the left is Fred from Paris and Laura and Cybila from Munich are on the right.


One of the best parts of the cruise is settling snug into a good seat with a cup of hot cocoa. I couldn't help but wonder what on the cruise smelled like fresh brownie mix. I followed the scent wafting through the bottom level of the boat and found it was hot chocolate being poured much more than the beer and wine!

This cruise is also great for a date, the intimacy of sunset is just the perfect setting for love birds.

There are still four weeks left to see for yourself until next year. If you'd like to see #newyorkatnight, book your Harbor Lights Cruise today

That concludes our #bloggeronboard series! Hope you enjoyed it!

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