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The Celebrity Apprentice Takes Over Circle Line!

celebrity apprentice comes aboard circle line cruises

"ALL ABOARD" for the Season 7 cast of The Celebrity Apprentice!

Circle Line was approached last spring by the production team of The Celebrity Apprentice to film one of the show’s legendary tasks onboard our iconic sightseeing boats. The results? Task-tastic! The episode aired on NBC this week on Monday, January 26 with more than 6 million people tuning in across the country.

New York City Sightseeing For Pros: Lesser-Known Sights That Can Be Seen From Circle Line Tours

nyc sightseeing by water

Must-See Hidden Gems Of NYC

While many tourists visit New York City to see the most famous sights, museums, and monuments, many don’t realize how many secret wonders can be found around almost every corner. Even lifelong New Yorkers miss some of these hidden gems! This concrete jungle may be loud and bright, but there are tons of secrets waiting to be found, all in plain sight.

Out Of Corporate Party Ideas? Holiday Party Packages Unlike Any Other Venue In NYC

describe the image

Why Chartering A Circle Line Boat For Your Office Holiday Party Is An Awesome Idea


Holiday Things To Do In NYC: Can’t-Miss Sights & Activities For The Season

new york city christmas

In New York For The Holidays? Make It Memorable!

New York City is an enchanting place during the holidays. Any New York lover knows that there is nothing quite like the smell of the winter chill in the air mixed with the incredible scent of the hot glazed nuts offered by the street vendors. And the charm of the city during the holidays is no secret, thanks to movies like Home Alone 2 and Elf which are set in Manhattan during the season. From the dazzling window displays to the iconic skating rinks, New York City engulfs itself in holiday cheer. And because many consider this the most wonderful time of the year, locals and tourists alike flock to the hot spots for their dose of that special feeling. To help you get in on the festivities, we’ve come up with a sort of “holidays in New York bucket list” of the best sights and activities you just can’t miss. The holidays are just around the corner, so sit back, relax, and prepare to get in the holiday spirit!

Combine New York City Attractions + Our Tours For An Unforgettable Experience

nyc attractions

Circle Line Presents: Combination Tickets For The Best Sightseeing In NYC

Since 1945, Circle Line has been known for its continued dedication to sightseeing cruises. It is our goal that those who embark on one of our tours not only take in popular city sights, but that they discover something new about all five boroughs. From iconic symbols like the Statue of Liberty to Upper Manhattan gems such as The Cloisters, our guests are able to see awe-inspiring panoramic sights of one of the greatest cities in the world. Our fleet of boats is designed to give you the best vantage point possible, whether you’re a long-time local or a first time visitor to New York.

How To Tell If Someone Is From New York City, Both In NYC & Around The World

how to spot a new yorker

10 Ways You Can Spot A New Yorker

Ah, New York City. It’s a fast paced, bustling, metropolitan island filled with dreams and go-getters. Countless movies, television shows, and other forms of media place their settings in New York due to its limitless boundaries and interesting characters. As a cultural melting pot, many true New Yorkers aren’t “born and raised” in the city (though many others are). Many of these transplants have moved to New York to follow their dreams and fulfill their goals. And once they have lived in the city long enough, they develop certain characteristics and preferences that they pick up on in the culture; eventually evolving into locals.

New York Fun Facts: A Collection Of Little Known NYC Trivia

nyc trivia

Did You Know These Interesting NYC Facts?

Whether you’re a tourist or a local, New York City has enough culture and history to allow you to learn something new every single day. It’s constantly evolving and growing as a city, and as one of the most populated cities in the world (1 in every 38 people living in the US resides in NYC). Safe to say that a single person can’t possibly know everything there is to know about the City that Never Sleeps.

The Best Travel Apps For Folks Visiting NYC (And Natives Too!)

best nyc apps

The Best Apps For NYC: Helping Tourists & Natives Make The Most Out Of The City

Every day, hundreds of thousands of tourists pass through the city, all going to different places and exploring different aspects of NYC. Did they come for the food, the shows, or the famous sights? Do they just want to experience the subway system? Regardless of where they’re headed - how do they figure out which direction to travel on the subway, or which lines are running on a delayed schedule?

Tips, Tricks & Things To Do In Times Square: Expert Advice For Tourists

times square tips

How To Get Through Times Square Like A New Yorker, But Still Experience It Like A Tourist

Seeing NYC By Boat: Why The Water Is One Of The Best Ways To Tour New York

NYC view from the water

A True New York Perspective: Seeing NYC From The Water

When the original settlers saw New York City for the first time, it was quite different from what it is now. In fact, it wasn’t really New York City at all. Flash forward to immigrants traveling to Ellis Island - by then the skyline had grown extensively… but was still nowhere near the incredible metropolis that NYC is today. Throughout the years, tourists have traveled to New York from all around the world in order to view the city’s popular landmarks and other famous attractions, and it remains one of the top destinations in the world. But when it comes to seeing the city, really seeing it, many people forget to “think outside of the bus.”

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